The Characters:

Janice Person
Location: St Louis, MO
city girl, loves #cotton, biotech & taking photos, SM for #Monsanto, loves #Memphis Tigers & #travel, sharing my view of the world, #BlogChat fan, #FarmersROCK

Dave Quinn
Location: Bastrop, TX
Passionate father & husband, encouraging others to be a positive influence. Professional Speaker, Economic Development Renegade, Aspiring Mobile Artist

Jay Ehret
Location: Waco, Texas
Educationist, speaker, and blogger, Turning Entrepreneurs Into Marketers. Dean of Marketing Know-How at

Simon Salt
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Simon Salt - Digital Strategist,Keynote Speaker, Author, Photographer, Harley Rider. Patriot Guard Rider. Besotted with @mllemire

Jeff Keni Pulver
Location: New York
Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Early-Stage Investor. Helped shape the worldwide market acceptance of VoIP; Story teller; Chairman Zula; Producer of #140conf. #Wheatfree

Naomi Shapiro
Location: Wichita
Arbiter of Fine Taste, Muse, Occasional Archnemesis, Boss Lady, Impresario at Fluffer, Roo & Jasper's mom. Also @naomishapiro if calling me superdumb bugs you.

Carrie Mess

Twitter: @DairyCarrie

Nick Barron

Twitter: @nbarron

Jason Kintzler

Twitter: @jasonkintzler

Doug Mitchell

Twitter: @nextgenradio

Becky McCray

Twitter: @BeckyMcCray

Dennis Deery

Twitter: @DDeery

Melissa McCune

Twitter: @MelissaAMcCune

Mary Klaebel

Twitter: @mklaebel

James Lowe

Twitter: @jiggyjaguar

Michael Fienen

Twitter: @fienen

Lori Ruff

Twitter: @loriruff

KS Equality Hutch

Twitter: @kechutch

Rebekah Starkey

Twitter: @LeadAndKern

Debbie Lyons-Blythe

Twitter: @DebbieLB

Patsy Terrell

Twitter: @patsyterrell

Joe-Personal Trainer

Twitter: @ICTFitness

J.D. Patton

Twitter: @jdpatton

KSHumane Society

Twitter: @KSHumaneSociety

Angela Phebus

Twitter: @AngelaPhebus

Lanna Lee Maheux

Twitter: @lannalee

Martin Focazio

Twitter: @mfocazio

Carin Zinter

Twitter: @CarinZinter

Frank Woodman Jr

Twitter: @kstaxman

Jeannine M. Trimboli

Twitter: @realfitlife

Khayyam Wakil

Twitter: @iamkhayyam


Twitter: @ibudmen

ChautauquaHills Farm

Twitter: @CHFarm

Anthony Rotolo

Twitter: @rotolo

MB Linder

Twitter: @mbl

Shellie Couch

Twitter: @Taegus
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